Privacy Policy

Effective: June 13, 2023

Oolio Pty Limited ABN 95 657 508 426, including its subsidiary entities (hereafter referred to as "we", "us", or "our"), acknowledges the significance of your privacy. Our commitment is firm to safeguard the personal information that we gather from you. As far as the Australian Privacy Act of 1988 (Commonwealth) (hereafter "Privacy Act"), and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) dictate our obligations towards the handling of your personal information, this policy elaborates on our methodology for collecting, utilising, revealing, and managing your personal information.

Collection of Information

Types of Information Collected

We may gather and retain personal information about you, that is, data that can distinguish you, and is pertinent to providing you with the products and services you require. Specifically, we may collect your:

  • name;
  • contact information, such as postal or delivery addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers; and
  • IP address;

If the collected information directly identifies you, or if you are reasonably identifiable from the information, it will be classified as personal information.

We do not gather or store any credit card information. Whenever a payment from you is necessary, all transactions are handled by external payment service providers, in line with their individual privacy policies. These external providers currently encompass:

The Act categorises certain types of personal information as sensitive. This can encompass data about a person's racial or ethnic origin, political views, health status, religious or philosophical beliefs, and criminal background. It is not common practice for us to gather such sensitive information. However, should there be a need for any sensitive data, we would only collect it with your explicit consent. Furthermore, we would use this information solely for the purpose for which you have provided it.

Purpose of collection

The type of personal information we collect and store about you relies on your level of engagement with us. Ordinarily, we will gather, utilise, and retain your personal information if it is reasonably essential for performing our functions and activities or if it directly relates to these functions. These purposes include:

  • Providing you or someone you know with any internet, web, or app-based solutions (Solution). This provision can occur in two ways:
    • Directly as an independent user of the Solution ("Independent Solution"), where you authorise Oolio to provide the Solution as per the terms and conditions of the relevant transaction; or
    • As part of a Solution provided to you by a club, venue, or association ("Venue") of which you are a member. In this case, the Venue authorises Oolio to offer the Solution in line with an agreement between Oolio and the Venue ("Venue Solution").
  • Supplying any non-Solution goods and services to you or someone else you know;
  • Furnishing you with promotional materials and information about other products and services that we, our related entities, and other organisations we have affiliations with offer, which might be of interest to you;
  • Assisting our internal business operations and administrative activities, which includes internal record-keeping and meeting any legal obligations;
  • Examining our goods and services as well as customer needs, along with monitoring website performance with the intent to create new or improved products and services, and enhance our website;
  • Complying with any laws that require or permit us to collect such information;
  • Conducting any activities directly associated with the above, for instance, planning, keeping you updated on changes and updates to the goods and services, and offering technical support; and
  • Undertaking any other activities in accordance with your consent.

Method of collection

Personal information is typically collected directly from you when you engage with our Services, complete a transaction or function enabled by a Service, fill in any of our standard forms, interact over the internet, email, or during a telephone conversation.

Nevertheless, there may be circumstances where your personal information is gathered indirectly because it is impractical or unreasonable to collect it directly from you. We will generally inform you in advance in such instances, or if that's not feasible, we will notify you as soon as reasonably possible after the information has been collected.

If we obtain unsolicited information about you that we didn't request or which doesn't directly pertain to our functions or activities, we may have to lawfully and reasonably destroy or de-identify that information.

Failure to provide information

Note that if the personal information you provide to us is incomplete or inaccurate, we might be unable to deliver the goods and services you or someone else are seeking.

Internet users

When you access our website, both we and our internet service provider (ISP) may collect further personal information pertaining to your IP address and domain name. Additional data may be collected by us and our ISP, which include:

  • Your internet service provider's identification;
  • The date and time you accessed our website;
  • The duration of your website session;
  • The specific pages you accessed on our site;
  • The actions you performed during your visit;
  • The website that directed you to our site;
  • The type and version of the browser you employed; and
  • The operating system your computer operates on.

This information is solely utilised for statistical purposes and for enhancing our services. It does not personally identify you.

Our website employs cookies, which are primarily used to provide better service. While cookies do not identify you personally, they may be linked to a database record about you. We use cookies to monitor our service’s usage and to create a personalised record of your website visits and page views, enabling us to serve you more effectively. Most popular web browsers provide users with varying degrees of control over cookies. You have the ability to configure your browser to accept or reject all or specific cookies, or to prompt you each time a cookie is offered. Deleting most cookies is straightforward and your browser's Help function should guide you through this process. Note that certain digital services may not load correctly or function as intended if cookies are disabled. We also use this data for product analytics to better understand user behaviour and enhance our services.

Use and Disclosure of Information

Typically, we use or disclose your personal information strictly for the purposes for which it was collected (as detailed above). We may share your personal information with:

  • Our employees, contractors, and affiliated entities for the aim of delivering our goods and services, operating our business, and responding to your requests;
  • The relevant club, venue, or association in line with the terms and conditions of your membership, if we are providing a Venue Service;
  • Service providers who support us in operating our business and services, with the understanding that your personal information will only be used to the extent necessary to perform the services;
  • Our related entities and other organisations we are affiliated with, enabling them to provide you with information about goods and services and various promotions;
  • The police, any relevant authority or enforcement body, or your ISP or network administrator, if, for instance, we suspect that you have violated any of our terms and conditions or have engaged in any illegal activity, and we reasonably believe that disclosure is necessary; and
  • Third parties as necessitated by law, binding regulation, court order, or with your consent.

Over time, we may expand or downsize our business, which may involve the sale and/or transfer of control of all or part of our business. Your data, relevant to any part of the business being sold or transferred, will be transferred to the new owner or controlling party for use under the terms stipulated in this privacy policy.

Disclosure of personal information overseas

Our services are facilitated by a variety of external service providers, some of whom may be based overseas. These third parties are numerous and change periodically. Examples of these types of third parties encompass:

  • technology service providers;
  • developers, IT system administrators, and support staff located globally. While our developers and support staff rarely access live data, they might do so when resolving intricate support requests or software bugs, or when designing new functionality based on your feature requests.

In numerous instances, we impose contractual obligations on these third parties that mirror those imposed on us under the Act with respect to the collection and use of personal information. However, our ability to enforce such contractual restrictions is limited in some situations, such as with social media networks. In these scenarios, we critically assess the risks to the protection of personal information when forming agreements with third parties.

Our service providers are explicitly prohibited from selling, using, or disclosing your contact details for any purpose other than what is required by law.

We assure you that we will neither sell your personal information nor receive any payment for licensing or disclosing it under any circumstances.

Opt Out

We assure you that we will never deliberately transmit unsolicited commercial electronic communications to you. Further details about the Spam Act 2003 (Commonwealth) can be obtained from the regulator's website:

Should you join our email list or use our services, your personal information, excluding sensitive data, may be used or disclosed for direct marketing objectives. Before we disclose sensitive information for the purpose of directly marketing our services, we will procure your explicit consent. We may integrate offers from third parties into the marketing materials we distribute to you.

At any point in time, you will have the liberty to opt out of receiving direct marketing materials at no cost to you, or request that we reveal the source of our information. This can be achieved through an email to or by clicking the unsubscribe link provided in all our marketing emails. We will then guarantee that your name is expunged from our email list.

Should you receive any communications from us that you believe were dispatched contrary to this policy, or in violation of any law, please contact us via the information provided below.

Links to Other Sites

Our website or services may incorporate links or provide you the ability to link to other websites not under the operation of Oolio or its associated entities (External Websites). We bear no responsibility for goods, services, or transactions conducted on External Websites. The privacy practices of these linked websites are not under our control, and thus, are not governed by our privacy policies and procedures.


We maintain your personal information in various formats, encompassing paper and electronic mediums. The security of your personal information is paramount to us. We implement comprehensive measures to ensure that your personal information is securely stored to safeguard it from interference, misuse, loss, unauthorised access, alteration, or disclosure. These measures encompass both electronic and physical security strategies.

When you send us data via our Services, it is encrypted. We employ industry-standard 128-bit encryption to secure information gathered through this website.

In instances where we no longer need to retain the personal information we possess, we either permanently delete the information or render it unidentifiable, conforming to the specific laws related to data retention.

Access and Correction

You may request access to the personal information we maintain about you by submitting a written request. We commit to respond to your request within a reasonable timeframe. Please note that while there is no fee for making an access request, we may charge a reasonable processing fee for accommodating your request.

There may be instances where we have to decline an access request to personal information as stipulated by the Privacy Act. In such cases, we will provide you with a written notice detailing the reasons for the refusal, unless it is unreasonable to provide these reasons.

In case you find, upon gaining access to your personal information or at any other time, that the personal information we have on record is inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated, we request that you inform us immediately. We will take reasonable steps to rectify the information so it is accurate, complete, and current.

In the event we decline to amend your personal information, we will issue a written notice explaining our reasons for the refusal, unless it is unreasonable to provide these reasons. This notice will also include details on how you can lodge a complaint. Please note that there are no charges for making corrections to your personal information.

Complaints and Feedback

Should you wish to lodge a complaint regarding a violation of the Privacy Act, the APPs, or a privacy code applicable to us, we invite you to get in touch using the contact details provided below. We pledge to reasonably investigate the complaint and respond to you accordingly.

If you harbour any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or our approach to managing your personal information, please reach out to our Privacy Officer at the following contact:

  • Street address: Oolio Pty Limited, 351 William Street, West Melbourne, VIC 3003.
  • Email address:
  • Telephone: 1300 166 546
  • Website:

In relation to a venue Service, if you require more details about the privacy policy of the Venue, please liaise with the pertinent club, venue, or association.

For a more comprehensive understanding of privacy, you can visit the Office of the Information Commissioner’s website at

Should you wish to lodge a complaint about the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer, and we will endeavour to resolve the issue with you.

If you remain unsatisfied with our response after this process, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Office of the Information Commissioner. To do so, you can visit the 'Complaints' section on the Information Commissioner’s website at to access the relevant complaint forms, or reach out directly to the Information Commissioner’s office.

Additions and Jurisdiction

We reserve the right to modify our privacy policy at our sole discretion, and it is incumbent upon you to periodically review this page.

Beyond the activities outlined in this privacy policy, we may take additional actions to comply with the APPs, and no aspect of this privacy policy should be interpreted as implying non-compliance with the APPs on our part.

This privacy policy is governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia. In the event of any alleged breach of this policy, the parties exclusively submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in Victoria, Australia.


The contents of this website, encompassing text, documents, photographs, graphics, and audio, are protected under copyright legislation. Oolio Pty Limited retains all rights related to copyright and other forms of intellectual property. Unless explicitly permitted by the Copyright Act 1968, reproducing any materials or content is prohibited without obtaining prior permission. For any inquiries, please contact us at