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Quick Service

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At-table Ordering

Put customers in control and enhance their experience. Our platform is proven to increase average spend and improve operations.

Quick Sales

Whether you're a QSR, takeaway or similar fast-paced venue, we enable front-of-house teams to expedite orders and process payments quickly and easily.

Split Bills

Split bills easily and allow customers to pay how they like. Includes part payments, percentages, per cover (or seat) and even individual items.


It is easier than ever to set up and implement automated discounts for your customers based on specific rules. From staff discounts to time-based triggers such as happy hour, the options are endless.

Integrate with leading partners

Our POS system integrates with industry leading applications across all areas including at-table ordering, online orders for pickup & delivery, reservations, rostering, accounting, payments and much more.

Customer Database

Add and save customer details in your POS system. Perfect for takeaway phone orders, allowing for a quicker ordering process. View customer activity to ensure you reward your best customers whether by loyalty tier, discounts or automatic triggers.

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